SPeAR® (Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine) was developed by Arup’s software and sustainability experts to help the firm support clients’ sustainability goals. It enables researchers to assess and monitor their sustainability impacts and is key to effective decision-making.

The tool appraises projects based on key themes such as transport, biodiversity, culture, employment and skills.

The software also generates a tabulated summary of the input data so the process is robust and auditable.

The database is an inventory of sustainability indicators classified into a single system. Its design assists researchers and stakeholders in identifying specific indicators relevant to parts of the ecosystem such as air, water, energy, human health risks, and communities in general.



The Database of Sustainability Indicators and Indices (DOSII)

SDG-Sustainability Impact Score (SDG-SIS) Framework

The SDGs policy framework is recently tailored into the SDG-Sustainability Impact Score (SDG-SIS) framework by Schipper et al. (2021). 

Their framework systematically considers the SDGs and their 169 targets to support the assessment of sustainability performance, and thereby enhance climate resilient and adaptable development. It starts with the consideration of the coastal system features, including ecosystem functionalities.

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