All those impacted or with an influence on system have a legitimate and important voice and role to play in the Cloud 2 Coast approach and process.

  • The City Planner

  • The Infrastructure Planner

  • The Private Investor

  • The Public Funder

  • The Scientist

  • The Engineer

  • The Local Farmer

  • The Commercial Farmer

  • The Family

  • The Socially Vulnearable

The City Planner

This stakeholder's main responsibilities are planning attractive places to live and work and maintain the overall city plan. The process and outcome of planning contribute to a resilience development. Concerns involve increased flood risks and for example a downstream missed opportunity to make more resilient cities with green/blue infrastructure. This could further lead to loss of an attractive, livable and safe environment.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Ability to enact proposed measures and integrate a Cloud 2 Coast approach into future development.

Ringkøbing Fjord

City of Dordrecht

River Klarälven, Värmland

The infrastructure planner

This stakeholder’s main role is developing investable projects and contributing to economic development by providing accessible, reliable and efficient, infrastructure. Also, consider safety measures and climate resilient infrastructure (related to redundancy, flexibility and safe failure of key infrastructure).

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Break free of their own sector and reach out to other sectors to plan multifunctional infrastructure. To plan how to manage the flow of flood waters through urban areas and residential areas in the countryside. Another key contribution is delivering infrastructure that blends natural and built infrastructure that is adaptable to future climates, needs and safety for the residents.


The Private Investor

This stakeholder’s main role is to initiate and fund projects and co-create climate adaptable direction of measures. Also, to obtain best value and direct benefits for profit and return on the investment.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Through taking initiative and attracting investment, can influence which projects get ‘green light’, important stakeholders to engage and keep onside.

City of Dordrecht

The Public Funder

This stakeholder’s main role is to contribute to Green Investments and solutions. Also, to obtain best value from direct and indirect benefits. To reduce the risk of cost overruns in flood protection projects there is a need to create cross-Sector investment and artnerships through stakeholder convening.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Through investments it is possible to dictate which projects gets a green light and which important stakeholders to engage.

The Zwin

The Scientist​

This stakeholder’s main role is to bring together expertise and innovative approaches. It is needed if there is a gap between scientific knowledge and its application in practice.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: To inform and use the Cloud 2 Coast concept in their research. Validate and support the concept through empirical evidence and by monitoring to ensure effective delivery on measures by recording impacts.

The Engineer

This stakeholder’s main role is in the Cloud 2 Coast field is their work on water safety and freshwater supply on local, regional and national level. They are also important in reducing flood risk and install preventive measures.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: To design and implement measures and an ability to integrate a Cloud 2 Coast approach into future developments.

The Local Farmer

This stakeholder main role as a smaller local actor is to produce crops, food and pasture for livestock. As well to have a sustainable income to be able to continue their business.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: To provide sustainable and secure food production. Slowing the flows through land management. Transition to ‘wetter’ farming as well as delivery of the environmental outcomes. Also, diversification and agritourism.

The Commercial Farmer

This stakeholder is a larger commercial stakeholders with a large land ownership and a large production of crops and livestock.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Slowing the flows through land management. Make sure to have catchments for water in case of flooding. As well as transition to ‘wetter’ farming and  delivery of the environmental outcomes. Also, diversification and agritourism.

The Family

This stakeholder’s primary role and goal is in general to maintain and enhance quality of life and investing in the children’s future. Also, to keep the family safe from floods and climate change hazards that may threaten the lives and safety of family members.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast: Actively participating in dialogues offered by public authorities and other actors. Seek out information on how they can contribute to mitigate climate change risks in their household as well as how to lower their own climate impact.

The Socially Vulnerable

This stakeholder’s main role and goal is to have a balanced quality of life and where they are not more affected than others to climate change related events. To have a protection from climate risks as heatwaves, floods and water supply.

Contribution to Cloud 2 Coast:To appropriately supported in making their voice heard in the approach to managing and adapting to climate risks.

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