Transnational Expert Teams

Transnational expert teams facilitate the implementation of BGI through stakeholder engagement with local professionals, scientists and other stakeholders.

The team also enables the implementation of pilot projects using a 4 stage tool: explore, analyse, design and build. BGI experts apply flood models to analyse the drainage performance of a proposed measure. The quantified benefits are then communicated to stakeholders.

The TOPSOIL project created this communication toolkit to improve stakeholder engagement and to assess what type of engagement is most appropriate and will be the most effective. 



Stakeholder Engagement Pace


From Stakeholders to Shareholders

The FAIR project conducted a workshop” to make stakeholders shareholders”. The aim of this workshop was to give ideas, tools and examples on involving politicians, civil servants, media, consultants, contractors, knowledge institutes, the local community and NGO’s into actual projects. Their involvement can help to deliver their projects on time and within budget.


Knowledge groups allow successful engagement with stakeholders and facilitate collaboration between different groups and sectors.

For the TOPSOIL project, the groups were structured to include farmers, landowners and a scientific mentor and were designed to encourage discussions and financial support. The groups were instructed to ‘show, not tell’ about the impacts of different measures on their land.



Knowledge Groups

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