The Cloud 2 Coast Approach

The Cloud 2 Coast Approach is an approach that has been developed within the C5a project. It promotes the adoption of a whole-system and long-term perspective to climate change adaptation that is purposeful, collaborative and builds on the principles of social justice, ecosystem health and resilience.

Inclusive Process

Adaptation is a people thing – Relying upon all the talents and everyone’s actions, not only professionals, but also wider stakeholders and community.

An inclusive process as an enabler for building resilience.

Climate change will affect different groups of stakeholders and communities differently. However, the effects of climate change will likely and disproportionately affect the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities at a higher risk. Hence, climate change adaptation should be implemented on the basis of an inclusive process, which is organised as a continuous dialogue on multiple levels of scales and governance to ensure that no one is left behind and social inequalities are addressed. “Leaving no one behind” is of one of the key principles for achieving sustainable development targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
An inclusive process is one of the key elements in the Cloud 2 Coast approach in order to achieve societal resilience. Implementing an inclusive process requires that social equity, transparency and representation are considered to contribute to building resilience. As an instrumental framing, an inclusive process should also be maintained at all three elements of inclusivity: process, policy and impact (see Appendix 1.3 for further explanation). The Cloud 2 Coast approach will provide guidance on how to accomplish these outcomes to ensure that interconnectedness, meaningful participation, avoiding siloes and connection with local knowledge and expertise are sustained to build societal resilience.

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